Monday 17 June 2019
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For When You Really Need to Handle a Heavy Load

For When You Really Need to Handle a Heavy Load

The modern building and construction industry is vast and is largely driven by a wide range of contractors. There are also many rules and regulations to consider in this industry and it’s important that they are all followed to the letter. This means getting in the eight equipment for the job and ensuring that everyone is safe and secure on site. It also means that when heavy loads need to be lifted and handled, the right equipment should be sought out.

Why Hire a Crane?

Cranes are the mainstay of the construction industry and allow for very heavy loads to be lifted, managed, and relocated in safety and security. So, under what circumstances might you use crane hire in Guildford? Consider the following:

  • Mining: Moving heavy mining equipment and machinery is integral in the mining industry. Large vehicles and other mining equipment are expensive and must be lifted and handled carefully.
  • Docks and wharves: Lifting and relocating shipping containers and other equipment is common at docks and wharves. It’s also important that the shipping containers and their contents are not damaged.
  • Building and Construction: Lifting building materials on site is a fundamental activity on building sites. Residential properties, industrial properties, and commercial properties all contain heavy materials and it’s important that they be moved around safely.
  • Emergency Recovery: Recovering vehicles and other machinery from difficult terrain or sites of an accident can be difficult without the right equipment. A crane is often used in these scenarios to ensure that the equipment or vehicle is moved safely.
  • Upgrades: Upgrading industrial and plant locations is difficult unless there is crane equipment involved. These sites usually contain heavy equipment, tools, and machinery that must be relocated safely. Failure to do so could result in a health risk to those on site and damaged equipment and machinery.
  • Emergency Backup: While many companies have their own cranes, sometimes the worst happens and they break down in the middle of an important job. The good news is that a crane hire service can provide in these emergencies.

The Importance of Health and Safety

All commercial industries are governed by federal health and safety laws. Every project manager needs to understand what they are and how they affect working conditions. The last thing that any project manager wants to deal with is an injury or worse on site because the right equipment was not used.

A crane hire company can provide cranes of many different types for the job. They understand what crane will be appropriate for any given task. Additionally, the cranes from vendors such as this will always be in good working conditions because they are serviced and checked regularly.

The implication is that hiring a crane is probably going to be more efficient and less likely to result in equipment failure and breakdown. For the project manager and site supervisor looking to abide by all of the health and safety rules and regulations, this kind of service is of great benefit.