Monday 17 June 2019
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Save Money on Your Car Rental

Save Money on Your Car Rental

When you go on holiday or a business trip, you have many expenses for which you have to account.  Some of those expenses are unavoidable, and some you can mitigate. For example, there’s only so much you can do to reduce the price of your airline ticket. You can try to reduce your airline fees by shopping around for less-expensive tickets or by not checking any baggage, but your flight is going to be fairly expensive no matter what you do. Your hotel is going to be the same way; especially on a business trip, your hotel is going to have fees that you can’t avoid. However, you can save a significant amount of money on your rental car.


Rental Car Fees

Rental cars are surprisingly expensive, especially renting them from the airport. When your flight lands and you go to one of the kiosks in the airport that rent cars, the company knows you are a captive customer. Once you’re at the airport, you are stuck with whatever options they offer you. Airports try to optimise their space as well as they can which means they tend to charge more for storage of rental cars. Thus, the companies will charge you more to make a profit. Also, since airports have limited space, they will have a much more limited selection of vehicles. You’re pretty much stuck with whichever cars they have available. There is a way to avoid all of these costly fees, though. If you need to get a rental car at an affordable price, you should look not tied to the airport.

Online is the best place to locate a cheap car hire in the Perth airport. The offerings online are much less expensive and far more diverse.

Diverse Selection

A diverse selection of vehicles is critical for a successful holiday or business trip. If you are traveling to a place you have never been, you might need a GPS to help you navigate to and from different places. You shouldn’t rely on your phone for several reasons. If you are not from Australia, it’s possible that your phone’s GPS will not have an updated map of Perth streets; the most recent new roads, road closures, and detours might not be up-to-date. Furthermore, research has shown that using your phone while driving is incredibly dangerous. If you are trying to navigate with your smartphone, you will have to take your eyes off the road for extended periods of time. A GPS system is the safest way; you should look for a rental car that offers GPS if you need it.


Also, there are many different factors that go into choosing a rental car. You need one that is big enough for everyone you intend to bring with you. Also, you might need a car seat for children. If you are planning to go to anywhere that might have lower-quality roads or even unpaved roads, you might need a vehicle that has four-wheel drive.  Those are just a few of the considerations that you might have while traveling to Perth