Monday 17 June 2019
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Top Tips to Pass Your MOT

Top Tips to Pass Your MOT

Is your car going to be going for its MOT soon? Cars are an expensive affair and we all want to keep its yearly costs as low as we possibly can. You maybe did not know, but the majority of cars on the market fail their MOT test due to just minor issues that could otherwise have been avoided. Here we are taking you through ten simple things you should check before your MOT to give your car that extra chance of passing its MOT.

Headlights and Indicators

With your headlights and indicators, all your really need to do is check that they are in good working order. This includes the rear lights, sidelights, hazard lights and number plates. If one of your bulbs has blown, you will need to go to Windmill Garage – Waterlooville where you can have your bulb replaced. For the majority of cars, this is an easy and small job to do that won’t cost you much and will help your car to pass its MOT.

Brake Lights

As well as your headlights and indicators, you will also need to check that your brake lights are working too. This just means having someone stand behind your car while you push on the brakes. They should light up when pressed and turn off when you brake.

Number Plate

Did you know that your card could fail its MOT because the number plate is not clear? Ensure that your number plate is clear and that it can be read clearly. All you need to do is give it a quick wipe with a cloth and your plate also needs to be from a DVLA approved supplier.


Tyres can be a big expense and you need to ensure that you meet the minimum legal tyre tread depth which is 1.6mm. A garage can check this for you and give you advice if it appears that you are not compliant.


As we all know, seatbelts have to be worn when in the car and they are extremely important as they save lives if you were unfortunately to be in an accident. Your seatbelts should all be in great working order and you need to inspect them for any damage or wear. You should also give them a tug to test that they would work should you have to break hard. Your seats also need to pass the MOT and you should be able to easily adjust the driver seat backwards and forwards with no issue.

Windscreen and Wipers

If you have damage to your windscreen then it won’t pass its MOT test, especially if this is in the area in front of the driver. The windscreen wipers also need to function properly and clean your windows. If there are any holes in them or tears then they won’t pass.

Use these top tips as a checklist to ensure that your car passes its MOT with the best possible chance.